As a mom there are many daily tasks that, if given no attention, quickly become unmanageable.

In order to keep the overwhelm at bay we need to attend to them daily and be consistent. But that can be the hardest part, being consistent. It’s easy to fall into the thinking that doing our daily chores and spending time with our family are two different things. We try to hustle in our spare moments to manage the house so we have enough time to entertain our children without being distracted by these tasks. 

While I think quality time is incredibly important, I want to challenge you to change your thinking on what quality time looks like. You don’t have to have separate parts of your life with your kids. The part where you do all the chores while your kids play and beg for your attention, the part where you entertain your kids and try to stay fully present, the part where you’re at work, the part where you put your kids to bed and have some alone time. All of these pieces can intertwine.

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you have to get certain things done before you can start your day or your week or do what you really want to do? And then the next day you do this all over again. Instead, I want you to put some systems in place, including the routines below to help you integrate these tasks right into your day so you can do them with less stress.


Creating routines and systems around these repetitive tasks and moments of the day can lighten your load tremendously.


In this episode, I go through 8 different routines you can put into place to make your days run smoothly.


Routines for moms:

  • Laundry routine
  • Constant battle with too small clothes
  • Making meals
  • Packing lunches for school age or younger kids
  • Morning routine
  • After school/after nap routine
  • Sunday basket
  • Cleaning routine

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