When you purchase a new DSLR you will likely get a camera strap as well. If you buy a Nikon, it is a lovely bright yellow and black with a large “Nikon” across the strap. And if you buy a Canon, it is black and red with a similar “Canon” printed across the strap. Neither are very comfortable and far from being unique, pretty, or appealing.

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Luckily, it is super easy to make your own DIY camera strap with whatever fabric you choose. I even like to add a little padding to make it more comfortable to carry around. If you aren’t sure where to get great fabric, check out fabric.com. They have an unbelievable selection of fun prints and it will come straight to your door.

Easy DIY camera strap

Let’s get started!

What you will need for your DIY camera strap

One or Two pieces of fabric. You can use the same fabric and fold it or choose coordinating fabrics. For these instructions I will show one fabric, but the directions will be basically the same. Find great fabrics here.
One piece of lightweight batting or a piece of fleece.

Sharp scissors

Sewing Machine with coordinating thread

How to make a DIY camera strap

Step 1. Cut your one or two pieces of fabric. Measure the length and width of your current strap. Add 1/2 inch seam allowance to each side that will be cut. If you are using one color, you can fold the fabric on one of the long edges and have one larger piece rather than two pieces. This way you will only have to sew one side instead of two. Also cut your batting to be the same size as each piece.

DIY camera strap

Step 2. Take your existing strap off of your camera. You will use this as a base. Place your batting on the wrong side of your fabric pieces. Then place your fabric pieces right sides together or fold it in half so right sides are touching. (My fleece is a bit shorter than my fabric so I centered it. I do not recommend this because it make decisions it harder to thread your original strap back through. I just didn’t have any other fleece.)

Diy camera strap

Step 3. Sew a straight line on each long end of your fabric. You will be seeing through four layers, two fabric pieces and two batting pieces.

DIY camera strap

Step 4. Turn your fabric right side out. You will have a tube lined with batting. This is the hardest part of the whole process! I hate trying to turn stuff right side out when you are sewing something skinny.

Diy camera strap

Step 5. Thread your original camera strap through your tube. If you are using two fabrics, choose which side you want to be the top and which side you want to be the bottom.

Step 6. Fold the ends under so you have a nice clean edge on both sides. Iron everything flat. Ironing really does make a difference so don’t skip this step.

Step 7. Do a zigzag stitch across each edge to secure your strap in place and you’re finished. You can use a matching color to hide this stitch or choose a bold coordinating color to add character.

DIY camera strap

Step 8. Reconnect the strap to your camera and admire how pretty your camera looks!

Diy camera strap

Finishing a project always feels so good. Especially if it is one that can be completed during nap time. See my other do it yourself posts for more easy projects, like this DIY wooden frame. And now go back to fabric.com to look around at all the other great fabrics you saw for your next project!




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