I am always searching for gifts that make my kids think or bring out some inquiry and creativity. These DIY gifts for little boys are perfect for your little creator. My little girl loves each one too, so they don’t have to be for the boy in your life.

DIY gifts for little boys


Art Box

Go to the craft store and go crazy. Fill it with whatever you can and watch the creativity flow!

Play mat for cars and trucks

My little guy was very in to cars for a long time. In fact, he still hasn’t out grown this gift. It makes an appearance often after three years! It’s a thrill to find a gift that gives this much playtime. It was very easy to make.

I used a large piece of felt for the bottom, which you can get at any craft store or fabric store. Then I bought a variety of other colors in the smaller felt. I sat down and started cutting houses, a park, a fire station, and more. You can really add anything you want. Think about what your kiddo enjoys. We have since added a pink house for my little girls princess to live and police station for my son. Have fun with it. All you need to do now is glue on the pieces with hot glue and you are done. Simple gift for endless amount of creative play.


DIY gifts for little boys

Travel Lego Play Center

I recommend using a scrapbook paper storage container. They are the perfect size and usually have a handle. Glue in a flat lego board on the bottom half. Then fill with miscellaneous lego pieces. If we go stay somewhere, this usually comes along for the ride!

Fort Kit

For this, we went to the hardware store and bought pvc pipe. Get different kinds of connectors for the best fort making. We also bought pipe cutters, a must if you want to cut different lengths. It will make a nice clean cut so no little fingers get cut up and they make the job quick and easy. The types of forts will child will come up with will blow your mind once built, throw on a couple blankets and have fun.

DIY gifts for little boys

Super Hero Kit

I have seen many versions of this and love this idea. Here’s is a great example!

Science kit

What little boy doesn’t like to do some experimenting? You can be creative here. You could make a volcano eruption set with clay, paint, food coloring, baking sofa, and vinegar. We all remember doing this when we were little, right. Your little boy will love to make a real, working volcano. You can include ingredients to make slime, play dough, or other concoctions. Or you can include lots of different things to mix together, a pair of safety goggles, and a white lab coat and let them come up with their own experiments. Just remember to think about your age group and only include safe materials.

Invention Kit

Here is a great post all about an invention box for your little one. Take a look to get ideas on what’s to include in yours!

Have fun creating the perfect gift with these DIY gifts for little boys! Please share any other ideas you have in he comments below. Happy playing!

DIY gifts for little boys