Have you ever been in the never ending cycle of organizing and reorganizing and putting things in new containers, and moving things to a new room and organizing again? It feels like it never stops, doesn’t it? I know this all too well from my own experience.




Decluttering and organization can be never ending.




The terms, organization and decluttering, often get confused. Or the decluttering phase gets overlooked completely. 




Organization looks different for everyone. Being organized is about creating spaces and systems that make your life easier, not just prettier. There are a few steps to put into place to ensure your organization systems work so you can get out of that never ending cycle we talked about above. 




In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, we’ll talk about the difference between organization and decluttering and help you set up a system that works for you.




Key Takeaways


  • What happens when you organize and what doesn’t happen.
  • The 1st step you must take for successful organization (that often gets skipped).
  • How to start with small, attainable steps. 
  • My 6 phase approach to make decluttering possible and much simpler.




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