If you’ve been listening to The Simple Home Podcast for a while now, then you know that organization is not my strong suit. In fact, I’ve always struggled to stay organized. My idea of good organization was buying new tubs of varying sizes to house all my junk (by category). I had tubs everywhere and so much junk stuffed inside, there wasn’t any way to get anything out. Can you relate?

It wasn’t until I figured out that my lack of organization was really caused by the amount of stuff I had in my house. The clutter couldn’t be organized because there was too much of it.

If you’ve struggled with decluttering and organization in the past, this episode of The Simple Home Podcast is for you.

I chat with Rose Lounsbury about the trick to organizing your home for good. She tells us how she became a clutter expert, why she doesn’t focus on the organization, and what you can do to create your own organized home.

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