Can I tell you a secret?


I’ve bought way too many toys for my kids. Creating a clutter free toy space has been a challenge for me at times. I’ve purchased toys for them that have never been played with. I’ve had a hard time getting rid of things because I wanted so badly for my kids to love and play with, but never really did.


If toy clutter is taking over your house, you’ve probably done the same thing.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly with toy clutter, even at the earliest stages of your child’s life. As your child grows, has new interests, receives gifts, and so on, your toy clutter will grow exponentially. However, much of this toy clutter is meaningless to your child and can actually be a detriment to enjoyable, purposeful play.


In this episode you’ll learn how to create a clutter free toy space and set up a system to make it more manageable in the future. 


Key takeaways

  • The essential first step when tackling toy clutter.
  • How to get started with determining your beliefs about toys and play.
  • How to declutter, organize, and create systems around the toys in your house.
  • The negative affect toy clutter has on your kids.
  • What this process will teach your children and stay with them throughout their life.
  • Mom guilt and toy clutter- why they go together.


You and your kids are likely feeling stress from your toy clutter, whether you realize it or not. Creating a space with the right toys will encourage creativity, communication, innovation, and emotional growth. Getting rid of toy clutter is time well spent. 


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