I want you to stop living from mess to mess and meal to meal.

From figuring out breakfast, doing laundry, putting the dishes away from the day before, picking up breakfast as your kids make another mess in the living room, you pick up that mess, throw the laundry in the dryer, clean up the accident that just happened in the bathroom, think about what you’re going to have for lunch, all while your kids are asking if you’ll play with them. And on and on it goes until bedtime.

Yes, life is busy, messes are going to happen, and your family needs to be fed, but this stuff doesn’t have to consume your day.


So much of this chaos could be mitigated with a few consistent routines and habits. By getting rid of excess stuff, not the stuff you love, but the stuff you don’t love, you just haven’t gotten around to getting rid of. By finding an organization system that works for you, even if you’ve always struggled with organization (like I have).


Right now you’re probably thinking, I know, but I don’t know where to start! It’s all so constant and there’s never a moment to declutter or organize or even just sit down.


But we can either find a little time right now or wait until our kids are 20 and we’ve missed it all. 


In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, you’ll learn how to create a simple home (even if you’re busy) and why that’s so important. 


Key Takeaways

  • Where we’ve come with 50 episodes of The Simple Home Podcast
  • My hopes for you moving forward
  • 5 Steps to create a simple home
  • How we can partner together to simplify your home


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