I want to be a ‘Martha Stewart’ mom. You know the moms who make everything look easy.

The ones who cook from scratch each night, sew their own clothes, always look put together, and get enough sleep every day.


Before having kids, I actually thought that was possible. Haha! Now I know just how unrealistic that was.

I’ve let go of being the perfect mom who can do it all. I’ve found simplicity in all things gives me more freedom and joy in motherhood. With that said, simplifying has allowed me to focus on things that are really important to me and given me more time to be intentional. One of these areas is food. I want my family to eat simple, healthy meals of real food as often as possible.

In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, I talk to Stephanie from Wingin’ It On The Homestead.

Key Takeaways From the Episode:

  • She teaches busy moms about modern homesteading, cooking from scratch, and slowing down.
  • She gives us practical steps to add cooking from scratch into our daily lives without feeling overwhelmed.
  • She talks about her ‘modern homestead’ and how she implements these ‘lost pastimes’ into her household while raising 3 young kids.

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