If you’ve ever felt like living clutter free with kids is impossible, this episode of The Simple Home Podcast is for you.

Minimalism with a family is possible and as we learn during this interview with Joshua Becker, it may even make the other parts of parenting a bit more enjoyable. 


Being a minimalist isn’t about owning a certain amount of items or living in a perfectly clean house.

Minimalism is about owning the possessions that bring you life and getting rid of the excess. It’s about letting go of the things on your schedule that don’t fulfill you. Decluttering and living simpler with your family allows you to make room for what matters most. 


In this episode of the simple home podcast, I interview Joshua Becker from becoming minimalist. He and his wife have been on this journey with their two kids for several years and his advice is invaluable. I left this conversation ready to continue simplifying and feeling more at peace with where I am right now. 


For me, letting go of the excess stuff in our lives has opened up a new level of calm.

I’m not a perfect mom,

  • I still get frustrated and have days when being a mom feels REALLY hard.
  • My house is still messy most of the time.
  • I still end up bringing extra items into my house I wish I wouldn’t have.
  • I still feel guilty when I say no to my kids about a toy they think they can’t live without. 


This has been my favorite podcast episode yet. You don’t want to miss it!


What we talk about in this episode

  • Joshua tells us how he got started with minimalism. His story really hit home with me and I think it will you too.
  • Why minimalism might be even more important for families than anyone else.
  • How you can handle the ‘envy’ your kids may experience when they see all the things other kids have. And how to say no without feeling bad about it.
  • Joshua’s best advice for moms looking for a simpler life. The one thing he tells us to do will literally change the way you start everyday.
  • So many nuggets of wisdom I can’t list them all here!


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clutter free with kids

clutter free with kids