Choosing the perfect location for photo sessions is one of my favorite parts about being a photographer. There are so many options to choose from and each will add a beautiful element to your photographs. Sometimes you are taking photos of your family and just working with the location where you already are. These tips will help with that too.

Choosing the perfect location for photo sessions

First thing to think about when choosing the perfect location for photo sessions is what time of day you have scheduled your shoot.

Some locations may be shaded earlier than others due to mountains or buildings. If your shoot is in the morning or the evening, plan for the sun to be behind your subjects where the prettiest scenery is. If you are out and about, look for angles where’s your subject is fully shaded or backlit for great photos.

Choosing the perfect location for photo sessions

Look for variety.

You will sell more photos if they don’t all look the same. Look for a location with some variations in landscape. I love finding a structure of some kind, a fence, dirt road or railroad track, or something else that can add interesting texture to a picture.

Make sure it’s not too crowded, both with people and other photographers.

You want to have enough area not to wait in line to take your pictures. No one wants to stand around while they are at a photo shoot. Especially not kids.

Choosing the perfect location for photo sessions

Find a place that has a nice back drop for distance shots as well as close ups.

It’s nice to offer a variety of photos with close ups as well as shots that show more of a scene.

Make it easy to walk around.

Unless you know your clients well and they are up for a hike, don’t take them somewhere they will be walking for miles.

Choosing the perfect location for photo sessions


Get to know your clients.

Find out a little about them so the location will represent them as a family. There are so many choices when deciding on backgrounds. Your clients may prefer old Barnes or structures, city scales, trees, parks, open fields, or a mix of several. As you talk with your client you will get a feel for their style. I often ask them for a copy of a couple of their favorite photos. This way I can see what they like.

Use these 6 tips the next time you are looking for a perfect location for photo sessions. And have fun searching!

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