You can capture perfect newborn photos at the hospital like a pro.


Those first moments with your new baby are priceless. Unfortunately, for most of us, we are in the hospital room with Florissant lighting and drab decor. It can be a challenge to get great newborn photos  in this atmosphere.

Newborn photos

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I have complied a few great tips so you can take stunning photographs of your little ones first moments outside the womb.

First, plan ahead.

Bring a blanket (these cotton muslin blankets are my favorite) from home, a cute outfit, a bow, tie, or other accessory, and some scrabble letters. The scrabble letters are fun for spelling out the name or for adding words such as hands or feet in close up shots.

Newborn photos


Whenever possibly, use natural light from the windows.

Most hospital rooms have nice large windows. You can move your baby around the room to find the best light. I’ve moved the whole hospital bed so I had a nice place to lay the baby. Look around the room and position you and your baby to get the best light. Don’t be shy about rearranging.

Take photos from a variety of angles.

One of my favorites is directly above. Stand up on something to get above your little one so you can get a great “birds eye view” shot. Get down so you are at the same level as your baby and take photos from different sides; looking from head to toes, from toes to head, or from the side. You can get great profile shots from this angle.

beginner photography

Get close ups.

Capture all the tiny, precious parts. The feet, hands, umbilical cord, hospital bracelets, etc. They will never be this tiny again. And, oh how cute they are! You can go crazy with this one and probably will because there is just something so irresistible about those little hands and feet.

Newborn photos

Capture the experience.

Get photos of the people involved, nurses, doctors, visitors. Take pictures of the room, the room number, the clock on the wall with the time of birth, the hospital, flowers, gifts, etc.

If your baby is born at night or early morning, like all three of mine were, get some photos with dim lighting to capture the atmosphere.

Most of the time, you do not need any special equipment to take great photos. And you probably wouldn’t remember it anyway if you are on your way to the hospital to have a baby!

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