The American dream has long been buying a home and a car and maxing out our financing to have the best one we can afford. As we earn more money, it’s often encouraged to upgrade to a newer, nicer version. 


But I think we’re starting to see a shift. More and more people are yearning to be financially free so they have time, not stress. 


However, it can be a hard shift to make when most of the messaging we see and hear entices us to spend without regret.


Learning how to budget as a busy family can feel hard and a little scary. 


On today’s episode of The Simple Home Podcast, I chat with Kelly Bowman from Cozy and Comfortable. She’s been on the side of living above her means and understands the stress that comes with. 


Over the last few years, her and her husband have worked to streamline their budget and are on their way to their financial goals. She gives practical advice on starting a budget and being able to stay on track and get ahead, even if you’re feeling strapped. 


Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • What budgeting looks like for her family.
  • How to start and stay on track with a budget.
  • Simple money saving ideas for families.
  • Why intention spending and creating margins in your finances is so important.
  • Baby steps to getting started if you feel like you’re maxed out.


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