Being an intentional mom doesn’t mean you have to be present every moment.


It’s not about perfection. It’s about finding ways to make the most of each season so you can enjoy your kids as they grow. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one in a daily struggle, trying to keep your house managed, raise your kids, and keep it all together, but most moms are feeling the same stresses. 


Today I talked to Desirae Endres from The Minimalish Podcast about what minimalism means to her and why she was so drawn to the concept. She talks about her overwhelm as a new mom and the mental shifts and physical shifts she’s made to allow herself the space to be a more intentional mom. 


What I love about Desirae and this conversation is her honest look at motherhood and focusing on what really matters while giving yourself grace in each different season.


Learning to live intentionally, finding contentment with what you have, and focusing on what matters, will change how you handle motherhood stress and daily to-do’s. 


You’re going to love this episode!


Key takeaways

  • How to use a morning routine to set yourself up for a better day.
  • Desirae’s journey to decluttering and simplicity.
  • Why she went down the path of simplifying.
  • Her number one tip for moms. 
  • What a day in Desirae’s life looks like with a toddler and her own business.
  • What she thinks about routines and some she uses right now.
  • Why it’s not just about getting rid of your possessions.
  • Why does minimalism even matter…or does it?


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Being an intentional mom being an intentional mom
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