Having an organized home can change everything! 


Think about it. If you come home from the grocery store and don’t know where to put the items, it feels stressful. You may just shove things in where they’ll fit. Then you go to make dinner or create a meal plan and finding what you want or cooking in a crowded kitchen feels overwhelming. You continue to move things around, try different meal plans, but the whole process continues to be successful.


If you have a place for each item and room to spare in case you bring home extras and a system for putting it away, everything will be easier, including grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking meals. We often think the problem is getting dinner on the table each day, when in reality it’s all the stuff leading up to dinner that adds friction to planning and cooking the meals.


So as we talk about organization I want you to think of it as more than just creating pretty, organized space in your home and more about finding a home for everything  and creating systems that work for you.


In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, I’ll walk you through a few tips that will have a lasting impact on creating an organized home moving forward. 


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