Having an organized home isn’t as hard as you think.


I know there are people out there who put things back right where they go, every single time. My husband is one of these amazing people. I wish I had this super power, but I don’t. I struggle to get things back in their place and used to think it was because I was lazy or chronically unorganized. 


Are you anything like me? Before you label yourself as a messy or lazy person, listen to this episode of The Simple Home Podcast. It’s not your fault that you have trouble staying organized. You just haven’t made this one change in your home. 


What I’ve learned is that having an organized home comes down to this one thing and if you can master this, your whole life will feel lighter. 


Key Takeaways from this episode of The Simple Home:

  • The one change to make to your home so you can finally stay organized.
  • 4 steps to be successful with organizing.
  • Types of organizers so you can figure out your organizational style.


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