There are problem areas in every house.

Areas where you constantly drop items instead of putting them away. Areas where you and your family are coming in and out of frequently. Areas that collect items quickly and haphazardly.


I like to refer to these areas as active areas and drop zones. 


Active areas and drop zones can be the hardest to declutter because the clutter just keeps building up.

In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast we’re going to tackle these difficult areas so you can create systems that take away the frustration of active areas and drop zones. 


There is also nothing more stressful than a pile of unsorted papers. Paper often ends up on our counters and is the biggest problem in drop zones or active areas in your home. For this reason, we’ll also discuss how you can manage the paper that comes into your house. It’s easier than you think.


Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to identify active areas and drop zones in your house.
  • Create systems to keep clutter out of your most used areas.
  • Relocate homeless clutter so it no longer clutters your counters and other busy areas in your home. 
  • Learn how to manage the never ending paper that comes into your home and takes up valuable space.


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