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I teach moms how to live differently. Simpler days, simpler home, cherished moments.


Before I became a mom, I had a picture of what I would look like as a mom, how I would talk to my kids, things I would never do or say, how others would view me…

Then I had kids.

Rather than being super in shape immediately postpartum, I looked 5 months pregnant.

Instead of the one toy box we said we’d have with meaningful toys, our house was overflowing.

Instead of organic, homemade baby foods, my child would be nursing under my shirt while I frantically ran through the grocery store, feeling guilty that I wasn’t sitting with my feet up drinking 20oz of water in complete calm.

I was overwhelmed, tired, and still trying to live up to my “before baby” image of motherhood.



I wanted a clean, organized home, but who had time for that?

I wanted to save money, but my baby needed “all the things”.

I wanted to make things simpler, but then I wouldn’t be living up to the impossible standard I’d created for myself.I had set for myself.

After a lot of reading and searching the internet for tips and tricks, I realized that the bulk of my overwhelm didn’t come from my child and couldn’t be fixed with Pinterest.

It came from all our stuff. It came from being over scheduled. It came from the expectations I had for myself and that I thought others had as well.

Once I simplified our possessions, our time, and our money, I started to breathe again. I realized that being intentional about what we had, what we did, and how we spent our money was the only way to thrive as a mom.

This is a journey. It’s a process you go on and day by day get even more clear about. But if you don’t begin the journey of simpler living, you may find yourself running a never ending rat race just trying to keep up.

If you feel overwhelmed by getting dinner on the table, feel like your finances are not where you want them to be, feel like you’re drowning in the never ending to-do’s and don’t have time to actually enjoy the most important things in your life, then it’s time to simplify.

You’ll find lots of great resources on this website. You can get started by clicking any of the links below. You may also want to download one or more of the free guides listed at the bottom of this page. I’m so glad you’re here!



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