Just a few years ago I was frustrated with photography. I had owned my DSLR for 10 years and still wasn’t getting my images to look the way I wanted. This became very apparent when I had my first baby. I wanted my images to look like those on professional photography websites, but all I got were under inspired photos that didn’t come close to capturing the beauty of my new baby.

I almost gave up, but instead I decided to search the web for photography tutorials and learn from those whose photography I envied. I admit, my DSLR sat in the closet for a few months while I took pictures with my phone. But as soon as I learned how to use my manual settings, take creative control of my camera, and a few pro photo tips, my images transformed and my love of photography was back.

photography tutorials

Are you frustrated with your images and wondering why they won’t turn out the way you want? Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed by your camera’s settings and aren’t sure if you have the right ‘eye’ for photography.

These posts will help you take gorgeous photos and find your creative spark. You can take stunning photos. All you need is a few new tricks and a little inspiration. Before you put your camera away, read the articles below.


Depth of Field

This article from Coles classroom does an incredible job of explaining depth of field and how to achieve different looks in your photographs. This is a concept that will immediately transform your photos, especially if you are taking lots of portraits. You can read, Depth of Field Explained Easily, right here.


photography tutorials


Finding natural light indoors

For so many of us, our favorite moments happen inside. Learning to look for light and use it effectively is key to take great photos indoors. This post from Click it up a Notch I’d one of the best I’ve seen when it comes to photographing indoors. You can read this guide here.


Less blur in photos of kids

It can be such a challenge to get sharp images of kids. They are always on the move and keeping up with your lens can feel impossible. This article from digital photography school, gives excellent advice for getting your images in focus. There are a few more advanced tips as she discusses aperture and other settings, but anyone can benefit from this article. If you haven’t yet taken control of your camera’s settings, get signed up for Manual Mode Made Simple. It free!

photography tutorials


I love this article from Clickin Moms. She talks so beautifully about life and photography and truly helps you understand how composition shapes your photographs. The photos in the post are inspiring in their own. This is a must read article for any aspiring photographers.



Many photographers never take the time to learn what a histogram is and how it can be useful in your photos. This article from SLR Lounge does a great job simplifying the histogram. Plus they share my viewpoint that there is no ‘right’ exposure. This is a great article for any level photographer. 


photography for moms

Beginner’s Guide

This is a great, in-depth article if you’re looking to learn more about exposure and how to use the manual settings in your camera. I love how he breaks everything down visually. This helps the concepts sink in and be more applicable to your photography. Even if you feel you have a good grasp of your settings, I highly recommend reading this article from Expert Photography


Photograph uncooperative kids

Kids aren’t always the most cooperative when it comes to getting their photo taken. I think this is because we have unrealistic expectations. Your photographs don’t have to be perfect portraits. Instead, focus on getting photos that showcase your child’s personality. This article from Clickin Moms has great tips for getting stunning photos even when your kids seem uncooperative.


More tips for photographing kids

This article is written more for a professional photographer, however, I found the tips to be very useful in my everyday photography. Using these tips when you photograph your own children can give result in some pretty stunning images that will look like they’ve been professionally taken.

photography tutorials

Get genuine smiles

This is another great article from Petapixel all about getting natural looking smiles. It can be a challenge to get candid looking smiles when you’re taking photos of your family, especially kids. These tips are easy and are sure to give you great results.


Looking for more? Take a peek at our most popular photo tips here on athomewithkids.com.

Continue clicking and never stop learning!



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