Do you have an amazing friend, wife, or sister who is also a busy mom? A simple gift can be a huge encouragement for a mom trying to do everything and maintain an ounce of sanity. Usually when I need a gift for a mom, a Starbucks card or Target gift card are my go-to gifts. While these are great gifts, and believe me, most mom’s would be thrilled with either, this year I want to do something a little more special. Below you will find 17 gift ideas that are a bit more unique.

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gift ideas for busy moms

17 gift ideas for busy moms



As a mom to 3 little ones, a diffuser is an essential part of my life. Let’s face it. My house stinks basically all the time. Whether it’s laundry, pee, dirty dishes, stinky shoes, or a piece of food no one knew was living under the couch, my house just smells bad. I can’t be the only mom admitting to this so I bet there are other moms who would love this gift. There are so many wonderful health benefits from a diffuser as well, from the calming effects of lavender to the energizing citrus scents and more.


Amazon Family Membership

The Amazon family membership has all the same benefits as prime, but also offers extra discounts on things like diapers, wipes, and household supplies. This is a gift that gives for an entire year.


Audible Membership

Most mom’s I know have a hard time finding time to read. Either because there isn’t a lot of down time as a mom of young kids or because when they sit down at night, they are just too tired. For a low monthly fee, Audible allows for free downloads of audio books every month. They can be accessed and listened to on any evidence anywhere, making it a perfect way for a busy mom to enjoy a good book. As a bonus, you can sign up for one month completely free and receive 2 free books just to see if you like it. Go ahead and sign yourself up too!

gift ideas for busy moms


Every mom needs a good camera to preserve her precious memories as her family grows. Give the gift of a DSLR (this is an amazing starter) and she will enjoy it for many years to come. Set her up with a photography course geared towards moms and she will be beyond excited!


Lash Boost

Any mom would love you if you gave her the gift of naturally longer lashes. Lash Boost is one of the top selling beauty products in the US and would make the perfect gift for a busy mom. Sometimes mom’s need a gift that is just for them to show them just how special they are.


Meal Service

Getting dinner ready every single night is stressful to say the least. There are so many amazing meal services out there now. Find one that fits the mom in your life and give her the gift of pre-prepared meals for her family!




Etsy Gift Card

Etsy is an amazing marketplace of vintage and handmade gifts. From jewelry to t-shirts to household goods and more, Etsy has something for everyone. Purchase a gift card and let her do a little shopping for herself of some of the most unique gifts available.

gift ideas for busy moms

Mini Vacuum for the Car

This is an essential in my car. I keep one under my seat. I always have it with me in the car for any kind of mess emergency. It is nearly impossible to go anywhere without giving my kids a snack of some kind, which in turn creates very messy seats. This little vacuum makes it super easy to clean up these small messes before the whole car turns into a disaster zone.


Care Package

Remember back in college when you got a care package from your mom and dad? Creating a care package full of wonderful items for a busy mom can be a very special gift. Think of small items like snacks, nail polish, a coffee cup, or anything that will be just for her.


Pass to a Rec Center or Fitness Center with Childcare

Finding time for fitness is a challenge for any busy mom. Giving the gift of a fitness pass will take the mom guilt out of purchasing it for herself and allow her time to take care of her physical health. Make sure there is a childcare facility at the fitness center or the pass will likely never get used.


Zoo Pass

Having a pass to the local zoo is a wonderful gift for a busy mom. This is a perfect location for a family outing and having the option to go on the whim makes it super easy and doable. Most zoos offer a family membership and often come with extra perks. This is a gift that mom will treasure for an entire year.


Time Off

An hour of babysitting can go a long way. Although, to make it really special, make it a whole morning off. One hour is just long enough for a busy mom to list all the things she wants to get done, but never actually get to any of it!


ABC Mouse Membership

This one may not seem like it is a gift for a mom, but having an educational app that her kids can use independently is a priceless gift. ABC mouse is one of the only learning apps I recommend to parents because I am a huge proponent for limited screen time.However, there are moments in every mom’s life that

gift ideas for busy moms


Fitness can be a completely foreign word to a mom with young kids. It can feel impossible to continue a fitness routine and take care of yourself once kids enter the picture. A Fitbit is a simple way to track how active you are throughout the day and it will encourage you to add a few simple activities if you are not meeting your goals. Just by making you aware of your steps and other fitness goals, you will be more likely to get moving. This is a simple gift that will provide mom a way to care for herself while still caring for her family.



There is nothing like a good pillow to get the most out of the little sleep you have as a mom. Mom’s minds are always going, kids don’t often sleep well, and a nice place to lay their head down at night can make all the difference.


Weighted Blanket

This gift is similar to the one above, but may be not be for every mom. A weighted blanket could be the perfect gift for a mom who has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Many people find comfort in the weight and it increases the quality of their sleep tremendously. There are different weights available and many different companies that make weighted blankets, but it is worth looking into if you know a busy mom who could use a better night’s rest.


Instant Pot

I just recently joined in the instant lit craze. I was resistant at first because I hate adding new kitchen gadgets to my kitchen. However, now that I have it, I am not sure why I waited so long. I was able to get rid of several kitchen appliances and make most of my meals in the instant pot now. This little machine cuts down on preparation and cook time and is capable of creating thousands of amazing family meals. Plus, if you’re not sure where to start, Pinterest is now loaded with recipe ideas from all the instant pot gurus so there is no end to mealtime ideas. What busy mom couldn’t use a gift that would make meal time easier?


Maybe you’re looking for a gift for your wife, a friend, or maybe yourself. Either way, I hope one of these gift ideas for busy moms is exactly what you were looking for. I am sure you would agree that mom’s are incredible and without them we would all be lost. Spoil the busy mom in your life with one of the gift ideas above!


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