When you are about to have a baby your mind goes into overdrive figuring out everything you will need once your tiny infant arrives.

And there are thousands of products out there just for your newborn baby. But trust me, the simpler your house is, the easier those first few months will be. Start with the essential baby items and buy things as you need them and you won’t be tripping over baby products all over your house.

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Don’t worry, the list of baby items is just below, but I also wanted to give you a couple items you’ll need for you too! These 2 things are essential items for all mamas, especially new ones!

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Okay…Let’s get to the list!!

Baby items

baby items you can't live without

Here is a list of 15 baby items you don’t need, plus 15 you can’t live without.

1. Swing– I will admit, there was one night I was so thankful we had a swing, but then we never used it again (and we have three kids). And it was huge. So, I would opt for the rocker in the next list instead.
2. Cart seat cover– You will probably only use this for a short time and it becomes just one extra thing for your diaper bag. Just wipe down the cart or carry your baby in a carrier rather than carrying around a bulky cover.
3. Crib mobile or hanging toy– trust me, you will want your baby’s crib to be a place to sleep, not play.
4. Toys– babies don’t need toys. They will learn just as much from objects you have around the house like plastic spoons, Tupperware, balls, etc. just make sure they are safe and don’t have small parts.
5. Diaper bag– a backpack or large purse works just as well and I’m sure you have an extra one lying around the house.
6. White noise machine ( I do suggest trying white noise. It made wonders of difference for our kids, but there are tons of free white noise apps you can put on an old phone and save yourself $50.)
7. Bouncer– this becomes yet another item that gets little use and takes up a lot of space.
8. Tummy time mat– a colorful blanket or towel will do the trick
9. Designer crib bedding– I know it makes your nursery super adorable, but it’s not recommended to put anything in a crib anyway and bumpers, blankets, and other decorative items are just not necessary in a crib. A cute fitted sheet will look just as adorable and be safer.
10. Shoes– Let’s face it, baby shoes are one of the cutest things on Earth, but they are not necessary…your baby won’t be walking for months.
11. Diaper genie– a trash can with a lid works just as well. And…if your baby has an extra smelly diaper, you will be taking the trash out of the house as soon as possible anyway!
12. Cover for the seats in the car, under your child’s car seats. Covering your seats is necessary, but a big old towel works just as well as the $20 covers you can buy and you can take the towel out and throw it in the laundry as often as you need.
13. Wipe warmer– your child will not care if the wipes are warm or cold as long as they aren’t frigid.
14. Bassinet– Your crib will work just fine from day one. Most cribs have an adjustable height for the mattress so your baby is closer to the top when he/she is brand new.
15. Activity gym– an activity gym is a play mat with toys hanging above. Super cute, but not necessary. The purpose is to have a place to lay your baby and let him/her look at and bat at the toys above his/her head. A ceiling fan, your face, or you holding toys and playing with your baby work wonders and provide much needed interaction with you!

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Now for the baby items you will not want to live without.

I have 3 kids and some of these items I ended up buying again because I had given them away and couldn’t go without them. Sign up for a free baby registry and get exactly what you will need from your friends and family ?.

1. Car seat with detachable base– the detachable base makes life SO much easier! You can take the whole car seat into the grocery store if your little one falls asleep, etc. Just makes everything simpler.
2. Stroller– Get a great stroller so you can get out of the house!
3. Rocker– This is by far my most favorite baby item we have used! All three of my babies slept in it, played in it, and sat in it while I cooked dinner or got other things done. You can even get one that automatically rocks and they fold flat so you can take them anywhere. I hauled mine all over the house and too kind it to others houses if we went over for dinner or anything else.
4. Pack n play– A portable crib comes in very handy for traveling or to use as a play area around the house. Super useful and worth the money. Get one with the detachable bassinet for when you first bring your baby home.
5. Ergo baby carrier– I have tried four different carriers with my three kids and once I found the Ergo, I was in heaven! My babies loved it, it can be used on the back and front, and my back never hurts. I still carry my 1 year old and three year old around in it all the time.
6. Baby Monitor– You will want some kind of monitor so you aren’t constantly checking on your newborn. We went with a simple one that’s lasted us through all three kids, but of course you can get a video monitor or whatever works best for your family.
7. Car seat cover– Something to cover your baby from the sun, wind, or cold depending on where you live will come in very handy. I also loved having a cover when we were out and about. Complete strangers will stick their head in your car seat and gush over your infant if he/she is out in the open. This one even doubles as a nursing cover!
8. Swaddle blankets– Get plenty of swaddle blankets to wrap your baby up tight and get better nights of sleep! These Aden and Anais are my favorite and my kids still love them.
9. Nose Frida– This probably seems pretty gross right now, but the firstborn time your baby has a snuffy nose and can’t breather yo won’t think twice about sucking out their buggers. Moms won’t anyway. I haven’t gotten my husband to use it yet!
10. Bumbo seat– Around 3-4 months your baby will probably be able to sit in a bumbo seat. You will love this! Doing dishes, cooking dinner, and everything else gets so much easier. And your baby will love their new view!

11. Thermometer– You will probably take your baby’s temeperature Moreno than you need to in the first few months. I know I did! So get a thermometer that make sit easy. Again, I have gone through many of these and this has been the best!
12. Halo sleep sack– A halo sleep sack makes it super easy to swaddle your baby with Velcro tabs and acts as a safe blanket.
13. Bottles/bottle cleaning brush– Even if you are nursing, having a few bottles on hand and a cleaning brush will be a necessity. The bottle brushes just make it so much easier to clean the nipples and bottom of the bottle.
14. Waterproof mattress cover– Oh! How much easier life is when you can just wipe off the waterproof cover at her than deal with a soaking mattress! It is always in the middle of the night when these disasters strike, so quick and easy cleanup is a must!
15. Baby bath– I recommend one that can be used in a bathtub or a sink rather than a stand alone baby bath for two reasons. The first is you don’t have to fill up and clean out the baby bath every time you use it. The second is, if you have another child, you can bathe them both together in a big bathtub with these kinds of baby baths.

baby items you can't live without

I hope this list is helpful as you plan to make purchases for your new arrival. Remember, keep it simple and buy what you really need. You can always buy more later if you find a need. And don’t forget to start your baby registry!


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Baby items
Baby items