I bet you’ve heard the quote, “The days are long, but the years are short.” from a well meaning person reminding you just how fast your kids will grow up.


There are days when I can’t wait to lay my kids down to bed so I have some “me” time, but as soon as I do, all I can think about are the precious moments of the day and just how quickly they’re flying by. 


No matter what season you’re in, taking care of your family, there’s no doubt that life is busy. But running from one mess to the next and living in survival mode is not how it’s meant to be.


Motherhood is not easy. The day-to-day can feel mundane and unimportant. The routines consist of cleaning, folding, cooking, and serving others. 


But the true beauty of motherhood lies just underneath all of this. 


You have to uncover it. 


You have to lighten your load and make room for what really matters. 


In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, I tell you 12 things you can do to lighten your load in motherhood.


Key Takeaway 

  • 12 simple things you can do to lighten your load. Take action with one or more of these things today!


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