You want your daughter to grow up to be courageous, strong, confident, kind…and the list goes on and on, right?

Besides the outward appearance emphasis with princesses, there are also a lot of great qualities in a princess that you can encourage in your daughter.

princess gifts for your little princess

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As I write this post, my daughter is three and she loves nothing more than to put on a fancy dress and pretend she is a princess, day and night.


I love this girlie side of her.


But, I also want her to know she has what it takes to do amazing things and that true beauty is on the inside (sometimes that is hard to teach when all the princesses are so perfectly shaped and put together.)


When I watch her play pretend, I see a different side of her. One where she can take on the world and save her kingdom. I love that she can dress up and also fight the “bad guys” that come her way.


Do you have a little princess at home?


Build upon her love of princesses and give her a princess gift that will encourage imaginative play and will build a strong foundation for your daughter’s confidence.


These gifts will give your daughter the chance to build character and give you the chance to interact with her, teaching her the values of a princess that you hope stick.


The perfect princess gifts for your little princess:

Take a moment to click the link on any gift you think your daughter would like. Each one is so unique and probably not like any you have seen before!

Wooden Princess Dolls– These are precious! This gifted artist can paint any of your daughter’s favorite princesses. You will have endless fun together as you play with this simple toy.


Doll House– Every little girl (and boy in my opinion) needs a doll house. This one is a perfect fit for the wooden princesses above. The handmade dollhouse will last through many years of play and bring hours of imaginative play to your house.


Card Table Princess Castle– What little kid doesn’t want a private place to play, read, draw, relax, or just enjoy. This play castle will fit over a standard square card table to make an adorable play area.


Felt Paper Dolls– I love these! What a great toy for quiet time, a car ride, travel, story time, or just hanging out at the table while you cook dinner.


Princess Apron– These aprons are great for two things. First, and most obvious, is to be a little helper in the kitchen. But they can also be used for dress up! Your daughter will love cooking with you and will feel like a princess in her new apron.


Inspirational Cards– If you have a child in school or daycare, these inspirational cards are great for a lunchbox note. They would also be fun to leave around the house for your daughter to find. Tape one to the bathroom mirror or set it on her pillow to find before bed. Little notes of encouragement go a long way!


Story Blocks– Whether your daughter is building or putting a story together, these wooden blocks have many benefits and will provide a strong literacy foundation.


Wooden Wands– Every little princess needs a wand! These are simple and allow your child to be creative.


Felt Tea Party– These are so cute I could hang them up for decoration! Enjoy hours of fun having a tea party with these felt tea packets and felt food.


Quiet Book– Quiet books are one of my favorite, especially when they are as cute as this one. Your little princess will love this colorful and engaging quiet book with princess stuff on every page.


And the cutest toy storage for every princess! Your little princess is going to need a place to store all of these precious items. Check out this toy box. Even you will like the looks of it in your home.


I hope you found at least one gift that will inspire your daughter to be the princess she already is.


Live intentionally every day! Even through gift giving, you can be intentional.