I don’t know if it is the same in every household with small children, but our house is over flowing with Legos. My son loves them. My daughter loves them. Even their baby brother wants to play with them. For my son’s first birthday we saw those big mega blocks and thought, he might like those. Maybe we unintentionally started this obsession. By his second birthday he had an entire collection of duplos and was asking for the little kind. I have been searching for other gifts for Lego lovers ever since. I’m not sure where this passion came from, but honestly, it’s fun to watch all that he creates.

Gifts for Lego lovers

This post contains affiliate links. It is not an advertisement. I truly found and love these products. If you choose to purchase through my links, it will not cost you anything extra and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We love the fact that Legos stretch his thinking and creativity, however,we want to expand his horizons a bit also. So I have been on the hunt for toys I think would be just as beneficial and that he would love. After my exhaustive search, here are my top 10 gifts for Lego lovers. I would have added K’nex because I think they are a great building toy, but my kids have never really taken to them, so they didn’t make the cut. I would still recommend them to try out for your family.

Gifts for Lego lovers

Top 10 gifts for lego lovers

1. VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc   These are so much fun. A different way to build 3D structures. Great for boys and girls!


2. Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game  (31 pcs) If you have read some of my other posts like, 7 classic kids games for Learning, you know I love family games! This is a great one for your little engineers!


3. Roylco Straws and Connector Your child can make huge structures with this toy. The possibilities are limitless!


4. Click-A-Brick Toys Mighty Machines  These building blocks click together in so many different ways. – Create Endless Combinations!


5. Building Blocks Toy, Bricks Set Building Dump Truck and Airplane  Great building toy! This is the most similar to Legos that I included on this list, but with new and different ways to connect the pieces.


6. Fat Brain Toys Squigz A totally different way to build. My son will not like this toy as much because it is not as linear as he would like, but my daughter will love them!


7. Magfun I love magnets so I was immediately drawn to this toy. There are so many shapes, including pieces that can go together to make people. Lots of creativity with this one!


8. JVOPIN Educational Toys Building BlockThis is like a set of modern linking logs. The pieces fit together in more ways than you would originally think. This will certainly expand your child’s imagination.


9Remote Control Building Kits for Kids This toy is great because the end result moves! It comes with a remote control that will work with your child’s invention. My boy will love this!


10. Engino This is the most advanced building toy I found. When something is labeled as a STEM toy, I expect a lot. You find that label so much now and it is often quite a stretch, but Engino is truly designed to harness STEM skills in children and adults. The pieces are sort of a mix between k’nex and Legos with some new elements throw not in. I’m impressed with this one!

Gifts for Lego lovers

So, if you are looking for  great gifts for lego lovers that Will provide a new avenue for creativity, give one of these toys a try. If you find another product, let me know in the comments. I would love to see what you find!