In this post we’re going to talk about 10 benefits of minimalism for parents. We’ll also discuss one benefit you can’t ignore and something I learned this past year that has changed my life.

I often interchange the words simple living and minimalism. You will hear me say both terms throughout this post, but know that what I’m referring to is a life where things are simpler. A life where you have time to enjoy what you really love, with less stuff, less to do, and less rushing.

benefits of minimalism

This list is not exhaustive. There are so many benefits of simple living for parents. I couldn’t possible include all of them in one post. Plus, I imagine there are many benefits I have not yet experienced.

After reading this post, if you have other benefits you’ve experienced, I would love for you to share them with us. Commit below to continue the conversation.

Alright let’s dive into the meat of this post and talk about 10 benefits of simpler living for parents. Stick around to the end because I’m going to talk about the one that you just can’t ignore and something that I learned this past year that truly changed my life.

10 Benefits of minimalism for parents

1. Less to manage/clean

If you have less stuff, you have less to manage and less to clean up. In minutes you can get back to an orderly, tidy home.

benefits of minimalism

2. Less overall stress

Visual clutter and having excess around us creates stress. Having less will help decrease or eliminate this unnecessary stress so you can really live.

3. Ability to prioritize without overwhelm

When you’re overwhelmed with the stuff around you, the stuff you have to get done, the money you’re spending, and life in general, it can be impossible to get your priorities right. Once you simplify these areas of your life you start to clearly define your priorities and start putting them ahead of everything else.

4. Less spending

As you purpose to have less and do less, you will also spend less. You will have extra money for the things you really want, like paying down debt, going on vacation, or starting a new hobby.

benefits of minimalism

5. Less to do

A big focus with minimalism is to create a life you love. By curating the things that come into your life you will spend less time maintaining the stuff. You will keep only what matters on your schedule, giving you and your family more breathing room.

6. More time for what matters

If you have less to do, you have more time for what matters. Living a minimalist lifestyle will open up your schedule. This takes many people a while to get used to. We are so programmed to fill every second of our time being productive, that it can be hard to leave space in our schedule, but as soon as you get used to having this new time you will start filling it with the things you’ve been complaining you couldn’t do for years. Reading a book, taking a painting class, doing photography, sitting on the porch and watching your kids play. Whatever it is, living simpler allows you to do what matters most.

7. Calm and peace that translates to kids behavior

We all know that our kids will mimic our behavior. There’s actually a scientific reason for this. They’re called mirror neurons. I’m not a scientist so I won’t go into detail about this, but the fact is, if you’re stressed and anxious, your kids will be stressed and anxious, creating little emotional monsters at just the right time of day.

benefits of minimalism

8. Always have and find what you need

My husband is way better at this one than me. He puts everything back exactly where it goes no matter what. I’ll be honest, even after simplifying, I still have trouble putting things right back where I want them, however, I am so much less likely to lose my keys or my phone as I’m trying to get out the door. When you don’t have a lot of stuff lying around it’s easy to put things where I can find them.

9. Less mental clutter/ability to focus

This is a big one. When you are running from one mess to another, organizing and reorganizing, carpooling from place to place, and so on, your brain has a hard time focusing. You’re trying to multitask (which I’m sorry to say is actually impossible for your brain to do) and you overloading yourself mentally. This is detrimental to your mood, your sleep, and your ability to enjoy your life or get things done.

10. A new appreciation for being at home

So many moms tell me they just can’t be at home with their kids so they end up going to target and bringing more things into the house, or they schedule their kids in tons of activities so they are never bored. While there will always be days you just want to get out, minimalism will help you appreciate your home more. Your house will feel more peaceful with less stuff. Your kids will be more relaxed because of your new peaceful state. If you do want to get out, you’ll likely find sitting outside while your kids run around is plenty. You don’t need to plan big outings or find things to entertain them. Usually we are so afraid our kids will get bored we fill their schedules, but it’s really us that get bored and we put that on our kids.

benefits of minimalism

So which is the one benefit of minimalism for parents you can’t ignore?

Less mental clutter and better ability to focus

You don’t know how good this is until you’ve experienced it. Our brains are working on autopilot and are filled with so much,  when we start to clear the fog, it is amazing how much life improves, our health improves, our relationships improve, and we accomplish so much because we can stay focused on what we want. This mental load can also lead to anxiety, resentment towards the people we love, depression, and so much more. It’s vital that you move towards a simpler way of living if you want to create a more enjoyable life.

Really quick, let’s recap these 10 benefits.

Less to manage and clean

  • Less overall stress
  • Ability to prioritize without the overwhelm
  • Less spending
  • Less to do
  • More time for what matters
  • Calm and peace that translates to kids behavior
  • Always find and have what you need
  • Less mental clutter/ ability to focus
  • A new appreciation for being at home

One thing I learned this year that has changed my life.

Take a breathe or 3 before you do anything.

benefits of minimalism

Being a parent is hard. There are demands on you from the time you wake up and the time you go to bed and often while you’re sleeping.

I used to feel like I had to respond or take action immediately in a situation either to diffuse an argument, solve a problem, or whatever was needed of me. I realized that doing this was not serving me or my kids.

Kids have big emotions. They don’t often try to solve their own problem at first. They have a hard time being bored, especially in today’s world. But they don’t need you for everything even if at first they think they do.

If you take a moment before responding, your child will likely find a solution on their own.

Make it a habit to stand back and watch before taking action. Even if your child tries to get you involved, do something else for a moment. Rather than waiting for you to finish, your child will probably try to figure it out for themselves.

The more independence you can develop, the easier things will get. And if your children learn to rely on themselves first, this will serve them their entire life. They will be better equipped to solve problems and find creative ways to get things done they didn’t think they were capable of.

Plus one of our greatest needs as humans is to feel adequate, which you’ll be teaching through this technique. Kids feel like they have what it takes when they are successful at doing things on their own. So don’t jump in so quickly. Give them a chance to feel this pride.

This one tip has helped lighten my load and stress tremendously this past year. I hope it does the same for you. I’d love to know if this is helpful for you. Leave a comment below.

Minimalism has so many benefits for parents. I hope you have a chance to experience these and more benefits from living a simpler life.



benefits of minimalism
benefits of minimalism